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The Crumbling Fist ebook trilogy

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George Wilkie worked for newspapers behind a camera for most of his professional life. In the 1980’s he became a Picture Editor on three Scottish newspapers over a 15-year period. He then returned to photojournalism in the early nineties until retirement at the age of 65 years.

During that time he co-authored and ghosted many biographies between travelling the world on photo assignments. From 2000 he lectured for five years on photojournalism and advanced digital photography.

At the age of 74 years he decided to become a fiction writer, ‘for fun’, producing a trilogy called“The Crumbling Fist”as ebooks. This year he has published“Who’ll look after Mitzi?”an amusing but dark tale of personal conflict. Coming from his pen later in 2019 will be a new title: Queen Victoria, the Polar Bear and the Wooden Leg. He lives in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Published Works

The Crumbling Fist
Book One: Where do Angels go at Night?

Murder. Conspiracy. Assassination. From modern day Syria, to the Vatican, to 1950's Scotland, a thriller in three parts. er killing. He escapes to Spain while multiple cover-ups end with another person being accused, tried, convicted and hanged. This is only the beginning of Peter's journey that takes him all the way to the Vatican and beyond.

The Crumbling Fist
Book Two: The Vatican Murders

Peter has been living his calling as a Jesuit as a part of a small group who ‘cleanses’ problems for the Pope. Through a terrible error he is caught up in an internecine plot leading to a shocking and tragic murder. Vowing revenge against the Vatican itself can Peter change the very church itself?

The Crumbling Fist
Book Three: Dust of Forgiveness

Peter’s past catches up with him as enemies in the Vatican make attempts to end his life while the Scottish Police issue an arrest warrant him. Everything in Peter's life has led him to this point in the third and final part of The Crumbling Fist series.

Who Will Look After Mitzi?

The story is an exercise in ‘lustlove’ that has no bounds. It cavorts through a couple’s life but their love for each other eventually pales over a few years. Mental and emotional instability takes its place as they focus their new found hatred of each other through possession of ….the cat. It is amusing, it is sad, it is horrifying but c’est la vie.

Always Winning

Thomas Joseph Cardinal Winning started life in June 1925 in the Lanarkshire village of Craigneuk and rose through the ranks to become the leader of Scotland's 750,000 Roman Catholics. This volume pays tribute to the irrepressible Tom Winning and celebrates his warmth and humour. Illustrated by a huge portfolio of previously unpublished photographs, candid and otherwise.

The crumbling fist book one

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The Tartan Spy

The Tartan Spy is based on a true story. In the mid sixties UK Intelligence recruited a young newspaperman on a Glasgow newspaper to ‘watch’ certain other journalists. He reported to his ‘minder’ who worked under the guise of a consular official for a foreign power. It began a long career in covert intelligence spanning decades.

Queen Victoria, the Polar Bear and the Wooden Leg

In 1897 Tom Laurie leaves the queens close protection service in disgrace. He begins a new career in Dundee as the first detective in the police force. His first murder case and his past begins to catch up with him.


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